Goshen College’s radio station, 91.1FM The Globe (WGCS), won best college station in the nation (enrollment under 10,000) this year for the fourth time since 2011. The Globe staff also won first place for the best use of YouTube, and two upperclassmen, Courtney Templeton and Jeremiah Sherrill, won first place for best news report.

These first-place prizes come from 17 nominations The Globe received from the Intercollegiate Broadcasting Systems (IBS) awards.

“We couldn’t do it without Jason Samuel,” said Seth Smith Kauffman, one of the nominees for the IBS awards. Samuel is the faculty advisor for The Globe. “Jason listens to us all the time and knows exactly what our strengths and weaknesses are … and yet he also sits in the back seat and lets you push yourself.”

Smith Kauffman went on, saying, “the way Jason educates is insane: He is so much more focused on storytelling and how we approach an audience … the craft is storytelling, not radio.”