Last Thursday evening in the dining hall, eight Goshen College students raced to be the first to finish a whole chocolate cream pie.

All eyes were wide as Zachary Clouse, Billy Funk, Ben Baumgartner, Brian O’Leary, Abe Pauls, Aaron Shelly, Naomi Webster and Heather Zimmerman faced their pies while Chef Jeremy Corson explained the rules of the contest: eat the pie with a spoon, or be more creative, but do it fast.

Aaron Shelly was the first to clean his plate, with Billy Funk, Abe Pauls and Ben Baumgartner close behind. Even after eating the entire pie with no preparation, Shelly still felt “simply amazing.”

In hopes to expand her stomach to be able to eat more, Heather Zimmerman ate a sandwich and a salad, washing it down with water and chocolate milk.

Other contestants, like Naomi Webster, took a different approach. “I should’ve had a lighter lunch!” she said.

As the winner, Shelly won two movie passes to Linway Plaza. The second place contestant took a case of Mountain Dew back to the dorm rooms, and the top six contestants received a box of organic, whole grain cereal (to promote healthy eating… or at least make them feel healthier the next morning). Each of the eight contestants received a toothbrush for participating.

This is the first of the dining hall’s special events for the year. Bob Rombach, the Resident Director in charge of AVI Fresh, said that they will be partnering with Student Life to focus on community interaction and promotion of healthy foods.

Some events to look forward to in February are the Valentine’s Day luncheon, a dinner to celebrate Black History Month, and a Mardi Gras celebration. A Platinum Chef Cook-off has been planned for March. Students will form their own teams to choose their meals, prepare, plate, and serve to fellow students, who will then vote for their favorite. Rombach has hopes that this activity may lead to a possible cooking class for seniors.