Yolo Lopez-Perez, a senior broadcasting major and youth ministry minor, landed a co-host DJ position at WFRN-FM (104.7). This position helped Lopez-Perez expand her broadcasting skills from Goshen College’s GCTV to a regular weekend position at a local radio station.

When asked to describe a typical day at her new job, Lopez-Perez said her weekend routine is a 7:30 a.m. wake-up call and a quick breakfast. She then heads to the station 10 minutes before her 8:30 a.m. shift.

Lopez-Perez joined a successful co-host, Deb Marie, who helped Perez to see that her unpaid internship hours could open doors for her future in radio.

Lopez-Perez said she enjoys energizing listeners on Saturday mornings and getting personal about faith on Sunday mornings.

Since most of the “Deb Marie and Yolo Show” is ad-libbed, Lopez-Perez is able to share personal stories and combine both of her passions of radio and faith.

After Lopez-Perez joined the station, there was talk of giving her a full time position in the future in hope that she can transition to be the new voice of WFRN.

“One thing that I took from Goshen was servant leadership,” Lopez-Perez said. “Even though none of my three internships were paid, each opened a door. By giving my skills free of charge, doors have opened for me.”

Lopez-Perez says that she encourages future interns to take as many opportunities as they can because internships give experience that can really prepare you for the ultimate career opportunity.

“Don’t do it for the money,” Lopez-Perez said. “Take as many offers as you can even if it is not paid. It will bring you a job.”