The Indiana Collegiate Press Association’s (ICPA) annual convention proved to be yet another award-winning year for Goshen College’s newspaper, The Record, and literary magazine, Red Cents.

The publications, both student-run, won a total of 34 awards, the most prestigious being The Record’s “Newspaper of the Year” award. Red Cents won third place in a tie for “Best Literary Magazine of the Year.”

This is the second time in three years that The Record has won “Newspaper of the Year.” Last year, The Record came in second to The Bachelor of Wabash College.

Eight first place awards were awarded to various staff members of The Record including: Laura Miller, a first-year, for her coverage of GC’s fall mainstage, “Mother Hicks”; Kory Stoneburner-Betts for a photo of a Metavari concert; Katie Hurst for an editorial; and Dillon Hershey for a photo of Hugh Birky’s Kickoff performance; Dona Park for an editorial cartoon; Staff for a special pull-out section; Spencer Buttermore, Brad Stoltzfus, Chandler Ingle and Katie Hurst for best sports page; and Hurst, Abby King and Nathan Pauls for best front page.

Two first place awards were awarded to contributors of Red Cents including: Christi Sessa, a junior, won “Best Poem under 20 Lines” titled for their poem “Fire after Water.” GC alums Maddie Gerig (Shelly) and Laura Miller won “Best Formal Poem” for their poem “Haikus on College Life.”

“During a season when journalists have found their credentials as guardians of democracy called into question by claims of fake news, it was reassuring to see such strong reporting in schools throughout Indiana,” said Duane Stoltzfus, professor of communication and adviser to The Record. “Here in Goshen, Katie and Maddie each assembled a talented staff to do their part in demonstrating that journalism remains a high calling in public service, grounded in facts.”