This weekend, the Goshen College Board of Directors will evaluate a proposal to add a Masters of Arts in Teaching program. If accepted, it would be GC’s fifth graduate program and second to be added in two years. 

Since 2005, GC has offered a transition to teaching program. Through this year, GC has offered those classes at the bachelor’s level, which is uncommon, as most other institutions offer those at the master’s level. 

The new program would combine the new degree with the preexisting transition to teaching program. 

“This particular program offers both a license, so you can be a teacher, and also a master’s degree, which allows for career enhancement and advancement,” said Kathy Meyer Reimer, education department chair. “If you already have a B.A. and a teaching license, a master’s degree will open up more career options and a higher pay scale.”

Like most places, Indiana is facing a teacher shortage. Suzanne Ehst, professor of education and director of secondary education, said, “To fill vacancies, schools are hiring people on emergency permits … provided they are enrolled in a licensure program.

“We’ve redesigned our delivery format to be accessible to this group of career changers.”

For current undergraduate students at GC, a master’s degree is something that they’ve been considering for down the road. 

Emilia Thut, a junior education major, said, “I feel like I would want to do it because I’d want to prove to myself and others that that’s a level of education that I can reach.”

“When you go into teaching and applying for jobs and stuff, sometimes that’s what people are looking for,” she said.

Luisa Dutchersmith, a junior elementary education and TESOL major, agreed. 

“I think I probably will get a master’s at some point,” she said. “Just so I can be a better teacher and add things into my classroom to help my students.”