Goshen College students have received six awards from the Broadcast Education Association (BEA) Festival of Media Arts, a yearly national competition of all colleges and universities in the United States with media and broadcasting programs.

Small schools such as Goshen compete against large Division 1 schools such as the University of Alabama.

“The national recognition from this BEA award not only validates our student’s work but it also validates our hands-on learning methods at Goshen College,” said Kyle Hufford, assistant professor of communication.  

"The majority of our submitted content is borne out of our daily broadcasts on the radio side and our weekly and monthly programs on the television side,” said Jason Samuel, assistant professor of communication. “We have a very dedicated group of students who take pride in maintaining a consistent flow of programming."

Senior Riley Friesner won the first-place award in the “Air Personality” category for her program “Riley’s Air Check,” as well as the award of excellence in the “PSA, Promo or Commercial” category for “Breakfast Blend Coffee Shop.”

“The entire communication department has taught me how to show my personality in my work,” said Friesner. “To embrace my own way of doing and saying things. I think that has helped me be a better broadcaster and has given me a better sense of self.”

Sophomore Kadie Spoor received an Award of Excellence in the “Air Personality” category for “Kadie’s Breakfast Blend” and second place in the “PSA, Promo or Commercial” category for “River Bend Film Fest—Promo Series.”

When asked what makes her work stand out, Spoor said, “I like to make my imagination come to life. Sometimes I have vivid dreams about community-based events, and I use that picture as a sort of inspiration that comes to life through sound…I want to be the friendly voice in the morning that makes it easier for listeners to get up.”

The Globe’s morning show, The Breakfast Blend, airs weekdays from 6 to 10 a.m., hosted by Friesner on Mondays and Wednesdays and by Spoor on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Friesner says the features on the show, such as the College Radio Cut, the Deep Groove Vinyl Feature and the Question of the Day, makes it stand out in comparison to other programs.

Every morning at 7:20, the College Radio Cut plays rock hits from the 1980s and 1990s, the era in which most of the Globe’s listeners grew up. At 8:20, The Deep Groove Vinyl Feature showcases a track from one of the radio station’s records.

In addition, every Breakfast Blend has a Question of the Day (QOTD), which is posted on the Facebook page before the show starts at 6 a.m.. Spoor says she tries to coordinate the question to the day’s significance as much as possible — for example, her Valentine's Day show's QOTD was, "What song reminds you of that special someone?"

Other award-winners included Laura Hoover, who received third in the “Audio” category for “91.1 the Globe: A 60 Year Legacy,” and Greta Neufeld, Kyle Hufford and Jace Longenecker, who received the “Award of Excellence in the Studio” category for “Festival of Carols.”

“Taking on an 8-camera production of a live event like Festival of Carols would be daunting for the most seasoned professionals, and yet our students were able to pull it off with a high level of professionalism,” said Hufford.

Spoor explained that Samuel’s dedication to his students is an important factor in why the Globe staff does well in competitions like BEA. His dedication gives her motivation to work hard, “even if it means staying up for 42 consecutive hours,” she said.

"Kyle and I are grateful to be mentors for our students at The Globe,” Samuel said. “Together we all share a unique understanding of what it takes, what it really means to give 100 percent in something. Not 80 percent or even 90, but everything; the long hours, the late nights, the very early morning and the weekends. There's profound satisfaction in the recognition because their work is authentic and of the highest caliber."

The winners will attend the awards ceremony in Las Vegas in April to receive their awards.