If you want the invigorating experience of jumping into a freezing cold lake for a good cause, this is just your chance to do so. Leprechaun Leap IV is happening on Saturday at Pete's Simonton Lake Tavern in Elkhart. Radio station Froggy 102.7 is sponsoring the event, along with other local businesses.

There is a $20 entry fee, which goes towards the United Cancer Services of Elkhart Country. The funds are for treatment and medications for local cancer patients.

"We're very fortunate to pair with a charity that does so much for our local community," said Beau Kennedy, Froggy's morning show host. "On top of that, we've had the most supportive crowds and incredible sponsors who have gone above and beyond to help us put on a great show."

Kennedy will begin the day by broadcasting from noon until 2 p.m. When he has wrapped up his live broadcast, Kennedy will lead the pack of brave donors into the freezing cold water of Simonton Lake.

Those who brave the cold waters at times brave other moments as well. In 2006, the first year of the event, one man lost his swim trunks after the leap. "He had to stand there in the 33 degree water until we found a towel for him to put on," Kennedy said.

Last year someone lost their glasses, and chainsaws had to cut through the solid ice on the lake.

Zach Miller, 2008 Goshen College graduate and current Froggy host of "The Zack Attack," is excited for his first year involved in the event. Miller said the event is a lot like the college's Celebrate Service Day. Miller is excited to work for a station that keeps "local-ness" in mind and specifically works to improve Elkhart County.

"Over the past three years we've averaged a crowd around 300-400 people," Kennedy said. In 2006, 50 people leaped, which raised $3,500. In the second year, 65 leapers raised $7,000, and $8,500 was raised in 2008 with 75 leapers. This year Froggy is expected to go above and beyond with contributions and leapers.

"I'm most excited for the jump," Miller said. "I'm always a fan of crazy things like this, and it'll be fun seeing listeners and supporters bring out their crazy sides, too."