Katie Hurst, who served as editor in chief of The Record last fall, received a second-place award from the Hoosier State Press Association for an editorial that she wrote in which she called for Goshen College students to commit to "showing up for each other." On the occasion of Sexual Violence Awareness Week and the roll-out of a Goshen Resident Identification Card, she wrote about the connection:

"So what does it mean when we 'stand' with an individual, a group of people, a movement? Are we literally placing our bodies on the front line next to each other and standing together in support?

It might.

But I think more often, and especially on campus, it looks like showing up for each other.

We have to realize that we're all connected, that Sexual Violence Awareness Week isn't just for survivors and that the GRID card isn't just for immigrants. What affects my friend, my neighbor, my classmate, my professor, the person I don't even know . . . it affects me, too."

The Hoosier State Press Association, a professional organization serving newspapers across Indiana, announced its Better Newspaper Contest Awards at a banquet on Sept. 15.

Along with granting awards to professional journalists, HSPA issues awards to university and college students in several categories, including editorial/opinion. The winning students came from Ball State, Indiana University and several other universities. Hurst was the only student winner from a college. She is the third Goshen College student to claim a Hoosier State Press Association award in recent years.

Most recently, in 2016, Achieng Agutu '18 took third place in the editorial/opinion category.