Goshen College’s radio station 91.1 The Globe won the “Radio School of the Year” award for the third consecutive year at the IASB, Indiana Association of School Broadcasters, conference earlier this month, placing them as the first school in both IASB and Goshen’s history to do so. Along with this accomplishment, the station’s staff earned a total of 13 individual awards state-wide, and eight of the 11 staff members were recognized as finalists at the national level of competition.

At the IASB state conference, these awards are judged by a group of industry professionals.

There are 12 categories in which pieces can be submitted. Each college can have a maximum of two entries for each section, and only one entry for the copywriting category of the competition. The pieces are then judged, ranked and given a point value (1st place is awarded three points, 2nd place two points, etc.).

Out of the 23 entries submitted by GC for this year’s state competition, the school tallied a total of 24 points, placing them a full six points ahead of the next highest score (18).

Jason Samuel, professor of communication and the Globe’s faculty advisor, discussed the Globe’s results from the state competition.

“In the state competition, there are 12 different categories. We placed in 11 of them, which is pretty significant. In addition to that, of our 23 submissions, 13 of our submissions won awards.”

The Globe staff also won awards in the categories of newscast, radio imaging, radio in-depth, sportscast and radio spot production.

The Globe, on the national level, had eight finalists out of over 800 entries recognized at the ISB conference taking place in New York City.

Finalists at the national level included: Andrew Witkowski, Ashley Davenport, Danielle Kerschackl, Tony Miller and Jimmy Cassoday. Davenport was also recognized as the Best Program Director on the national level.

Along with the student awards, Samuel was awarded Best Faculty Advisor honors. Samuel was nominated by his students and colleagues.

Overall, Samuel was thrilled with the results from this year’s competitions.

“I have to commend our staff because they really pulled a heavy weight. They worked really hard collectively toward a common goal,” he said. “Many of these awards there was more than one person apart of the project.”

Samuel commended his staff both on their work ethic and their resiliency functioning as a collective group.

Said Samuel, “One of the things about this staff that is really satisfying is the number of different people that were involved in the thirteen awards, and the fact that we had freshmen, sophomores, junior and seniors all recognized,” he said. “I think that is the essence of this victory, this state championship, is the fact that it was a total team effort.”