SMRT- The Sexual Misconduct Response Team will meet Wednesday, February 11 to plan the SMRT forum, which is scheduled for Monday March 16 at 10 a.m.

FIRSST (Functional Immediate Response Student Safety Team) - Senate Representatives made comments and edited the proposal written by Laura Miller. Sarah Hofkamp (FIRSST member) made a brief announcement about the purpose of this organization at the beginning of chapel on Wednesday, February 11 to clear up any confusion there may have been about the Student Safety Shuttle.

ECOPAX- Senate received a club funding request for $135 to Student Senate for the Sustainability Summit Weekend at Merry Lea. Senate approved this request.

Administrative Cabinet Update (January) - GC employees have been encouraged to record vacation hours. A report was made to the administration about the experiences from the Hope for the Future Conference attended by Goshen College faculty and students. Resident Life plans for 2015-2016 are to continue to have Miller closed as well as closing Coffman, which will be used for summer housing. There will be a change in fees for single and double rooms in Kulp. More clarification about these changes will be given at the ResLife information night next week.


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Next Student Senate meeting time: January 27 at 9 p.m. in AD21

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