Saloma Miller Furlong will be on campus on Tuesday on part of a tour to promote her book, “Two Lives in One: Inside and Outside the Amish.” The event will take place in Newcomer 19 at 7 p.m., this event will be open to the public. Furlong’s visit is being sponsored by the Goshen College English and History Departments and the Mennonite Historical Library.

Furlong’s book deals with her life both inside and outside the Amish community.  Furlong grew up in the Amish community for the first 20 years of her life before deciding to leave. She gives a few reasons for leaving the community. Amongst them are her father’s problems with mental illness, her older brother’s abusive nature and her own desire for education. After leaving the Amish community, Furlong went on to enroll at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts where she earned a bachelor’s degree in German studies in 2007.

“Two Lives in One: Inside and Outside the Amish” is Furlong’s first book, and it is published by the Michigan State University Press.