The class of 2014 adds 182 new faces to campus this fall, with a total of 239 new students including transfers. This year's first-year class total is down from last year's first-year class which set enrollment records as the highest in 17 years.

According to Lynn Jackson, vice president for enrollment management, nursing is the most popular declared major among first-year students, followed by biology and then business and psychology. The largest group of new students are from Indiana, with 50 percent coming from within the state. Pennsylvania sends the second largest pool of new students, with 16. Among first-year students and transfers, 56 percent are female.

"We actually have a higher percentage of enrolling males than some other schools do (nationwide)," said Jackson.

Jackson added that the number of Mennonites in the class of 2014 is down 31 students from last year. This fall, 46 percent of first-year students are Mennonite and 53 percent represent other faith traditions. Jackson said the "Peace by Peace" brand and marketing campaign will likely have a larger effect on enrollment starting next year.

"We launched ["Peace by Peace"] at this time a year ago, so the group we're recruiting this year will be much more in tune with Peace by Peace," said Jackson.