Goshen College, as an institution, has made some changes over the years to increase student enrollment on campus. This graphic provides enrollment information from other Mennonite colleges in order to provide the opportunity to see where Goshen stands in relation to these other institutions in terms of both enrollment, as well as the overall gender population of these schools.

The student enrollment numbers for this graphic were obtained from both enrollment reports and announcements on Goshen College, Hesston College, Eastern Mennonite University and Bluffton College websites. Both current and past enrollment reports are available for each institution.

Along with the enrollment information, the information regarding the gender population percentages for each school were obtained through The Forbes online magazine resource list of America’s colleges. Forbes Magazine is a business magazine owned by Forbes Inc. that began compiling an America’s best colleges list in 2009. Forbes ranks each institution according to the quality of the education they provide, the experience of the students and how much they achieve. Forbes includes the gender percentages of each institution’s gender make up within each of these profiles.