Looking to the academic year of 2014-2015, Goshen College is hoping for a larger incoming class, more transfers and enrollment that may lead to becoming a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI).

For the past several years, enrollment at Goshen College has been stagnant and goals to increase enrollment have not been met.

However, James Townsend, Vice President for Enrollment and Marketing, reported that as of January 9, there was a 16 percent rise in applications and there has been a 12 percent rise in the amount of admitted students compared to last year.

With these numbers, the admissions department is heading in the right direction toward meeting their goals for the coming academic year.

One enrollment goal is to increase the incoming class size to 182, which is 15 students more than last year.

Along with an increase in the incoming first year class size, the admissions department hopes to increase the amount of transfers by nine, making the total 50 students.

Another goal is to work toward having Latino enrollment at 25 percent.  This percentage qualifies Goshen College to be considered an HSI.  The goal for the coming year is to reach 20 percent in Latino enrollment.

As of January 9, the trends show a decrease in Mennonite students, who have applied, and an increase in students from diverse backgrounds.  The admissions department is looking to not only increase applications, but also to increase enrollment.

Said Townsend, “Deposits are slightly up over last year.”

Increases in enrollment and donations are two targeted areas to reduce expenses, which in turn helps the school’s financial situation.  A rise in applicants and acceptance means an increase in enrollment, which may give the possibility for a reduction in expenses if the trend continues.

Staff and budget reductions have already occurred, as reported by Kate Stoltzfus for the Record.  Thus, meeting enrollment goals for the coming academic year have been targeted even more strongly.

To work toward meeting enrollment goals, Townsend works with many staff and faculty members. Townsend works closely with the admissions staff to create enrollment goals and gather enrollment information.

Information gathered through their work and through enrollment counselors is passed along to faculty, academic leaders, financial leaders and communications and marketing staff.

“Together we identify where we can grow our student body while meeting the mission and vision of the institution,” said Townsend.

Overall, the admissions department is hoping for a larger incoming class.  The goals set to work toward growth between the incoming class of 13-14 and 14-15 are tied to historical data and opportunities highlighted in specific programs, such as becoming an HSI.

Said Townsend, “All signs are pointing to a larger incoming class than the past few years.”