The Record published an article “Counting Eggs and Logging Hours at Miller Poultry” on Jan. 20. describing the experience of five Goshen College students who participated in a micro-internship provided through the business department. 

 The article contained statements about Miller Poultry and the students’ experience that were in some cases incomplete and could have been misleading.  

For example, a vivid quote from one of the interns describing the process of beheading the chickens should have been accompanied by the fact that the chickens are put out painlessly with a gas stunning technique before they are processed.  

The details in the article come from the observations of the student interns. In retrospect, it is clear that a representative from the company should have also been contacted for comment.  

The Record is a student-run newspaper that is independent from the College’s administration.  

On behalf of The Record staff, I recognize that this article may have caused harm to Miller Poultry.  We are a staff of student journalists striving to learn and improve as we seek the highest standard. When we fall short, we want to acknowledge our mistakes and do what we can to make amends.