Starting November 1, Java Junction made the change to accept credit cards as a way to pay for purchases. After discussions started almost a year ago, the student-run coffee shop made the move to add this new form of payment in hopes of expanding their customer base and improving satisfaction.

“A lot of customers were asking to use [credit cards],” said Gretchen Geyer, Java Junction employee. “A lot of the people were community members who wanted to use it.”

Josiah Simpson, general manager, worked with ITS Media and the Accounting office to get the new system set up.

“They had to configure the system so that the payment goes to the school, and then comes back to Java Junction,” said Geyer. “We have also been working to transition all our prices to an iPad.”

While it may be too early to detect changes yet, Geyer is hopeful that the added credit card option will have positive results. “It definitely helps with prospective students. A lot more of them use [credit cards],” said Geyer. “Hopefully by the end of the semester we can tell if sales have increased overall.”