A wad of counterfeit twenty dollar bills totaling $300 was found in the men's bathroom of the Union on March 11.

The money was discovered by an ITS worker who wishes to remain anonymous. "I slipped them into my pocket and didn't notice they were counterfeit until I returned to my office and showed them to my coworker," the worker said.

The bills all displayed the same serial number: CF92689025B.

The counterfeit money was given to campus security who then notified the police. According to Glenn Gilbert, utilities manager, "[The police] said that since there had been no actual crime committed they didn't even bother to fill out a formal police form."

The police confiscated the money. Gilbert contacted Java Junction, the bookstore and the cafeteria to be on the lookout for bills with the serial number found on the counterfeits.

Although it's a crime to use counterfeit money, there are no charges for possession of counterfeit money.

Gilbert said that there is no reason to think there have been any counterfeit bills used on campus, yet students should be on the lookout for twenty dollar bills with serial number CF92689025B.

According to Gilbert, "The easiest way to tell a good [bill] is rubbing your fingernail across Jackson's coat." Genuine bills have a ridged texture across the president's coat, while counterfeit bills have a smooth texture.

Additional ways for detecting counterfeit money can be found at the United States Secret Service Web site: http://www.secretservice.gov/money_detect.shtml