In the Oct. 27 issue of The Record, it was stated in the article on Anton Flores' chapel address that "Flores' eyes were opened to the ethics of international adoption: stealing, buying and exploiting children." Flores' later clarified his views on the topic in chapel on Friday. The Record regrets the error.

According to Flores, some activists oppose international adoptions because of the allegations. Other international adoption agencies have even closed their doors to adoptions for the same reasons. While Flores acknowledges the ethical dilemma of international adoption, he takes no side, but proposes an ethical third way.

In his article "Just Adoptions," published in "The Mennonite" (May 4, 2004), Flores encourages those thinking about international adoption to educate themselves before the adoption process begins: about the adoption agency and the child's country. After the adoption process, Flores encourages families to connect with the child's country by " regularly contribut[ing] to an economic-development organization."

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