This summer, Goshen College was named one of America’s greenest schools in the Sierra Club’s magazine.

Ranked 131 out of 173 on the list of “cool schools,” Goshen College has been recognized as a school with one of the biggest commitments to sustainability on its campus.

According to, Goshen College was most successful in going green with its energy.

On Wednesday, August 27, President James Brenneman delivered a speech at the opening convocation of the fall semester that focused on this year’s core value, global citizenship.

Brenneman related our need to be “citizens of the earth and sky” to Goshen College’s success as one of America’s greenest schools.

In his speech, Brenneman said, “To be a global citizen first and foremost is to desire to experience, understand and steward the many and varied multi-cultures (the bio-diversity) of the natural world around us.”

Brenneman said college has become more sustainable by using energy from renewable energy sources, planting native gardens, recycling, composting and purchasing eco-friendly materials.

“Earth and sky citizens are called to paint the world green,” said Brenneman.

According to press release from August 18, Goshen College has “reduced its carbon footprint by an estimated 22 percent.”

The press release also quoted Glenn Gilbert, utilities manager and sustainability coordinator, saying, “Goshen College is committed to establishing practices and policies that reduce our carbon footprint. It is great to have the recognition of the Sierra Club for our efforts.”