Enrollment stands at 945 students this year, down slightly from 960 a year ago.

With the end of the drop/add period on Monday, the registrar's office released enrollment figures.

Of the 945 total students:

* 893 are undergrads

*770 are full-time undergrads

*170 are first-year students

* 52 are graduate students

* 52 are in the Division of Adult and External Studies

These numbers continue the 40-year downward trend of student enrollment.

"I'm dissatisfied with the inconsistent, herky-jerky growth and I'm doing everything I can to turn it around to a consistent upward trend," said President Jim Brenneman. "However, the enrollment figures don't detract us from giving a quality education to the students that are here."

This year, the college will be move forward with projects to improve the education programs.

The general education program will be changed for the upcoming year and the Division of Adult and External Studies will add new programs under the direction of Randy Gunden.