Next year's student leaders for on campus co-curriculars have been appointed by the communication department faculty. They are:

Sara Alvarez

Editor-in-Chief of The Record (fall)

Major: Public relations

Did you know: She can fold her tongue in the shape of a clover.

Plans: "I'm excited about the opportunity to learn and communicate about the various goings on of a semester at Goshen."

Matthew Amstutz

Editor-in-Chief of The Record (spring)

Majors: History and journalism

Did you know: His friends laugh sarcastically at his jokes

Plans: "This year I've noticed some discontent regarding communication between student life and the student body. I'd like to better that relationship through articles that summarize Student Senate meetings and any future plans they have relating to the student body."

Ben Sutter

News Director for The Correspondent

Majors: Communication and history

Did you know: He loves the Cubs and wishes the school cable got WGN

Plans: "I'm excited to work with great people again next year and I hope to be able to give GC increasingly relevant campus and community news."

Joel Meyer

Operations Manager for The Correspondent

Major: Informatics

Did you know: He is from Columbus, Ind.

Plans: "As a student leader I hope to help make the Correspondent the best show that it can be."

Kelsey Morris

Assistant News Director/Sports Producer for The Correspondent

Major: Broadcasting

Did you know: She is obsessed with the TV show "Teen Mom."

Plans: "I am excited to work with the current staff at the Corespondent and to help the incoming freshman learn about the news field."

Jeffery Moore

GCTV Coordinator

Major: Bible and religion

Did you know: He is an amateur at many things, including, but not limited to: music, writing, editing film, public speaking, fixing appliances, and abstract art.

Plans: "I will be working between the camera and the television with GCTV's cable station 17.1. I'm excited about exploring ways to feature GC students in a television lineup."

Summer Hasan

WGCS Station Manager

Major: Public relations, minor: broadcasting

Did you know: Even though it may make her seem like an angry person for admitting it, she hates whistling.

Plans: " I would love to see the station incorporate more live music into rotation. Artist interviews are also a priority for me next year. What else can I hope for as a manager for the best college station in the nation? To win the title again!"