The Communication Department announced the new co-curricular leaders of The Correspondent, FiveCore Media, The Globe and The Record for 2017-18.

Becoming a co-curricular leader within the communication department is an opportunity for students to gain leadership experience within the communication field. Students can apply what they have learned in their classes to create, organize and manage the production of newspaper, film, news magazine or radio-broadcasting.

The news directors named for The Correspondent are Riley Mills, a junior, for the fall semester and Karen Ramos, a first-year, in the spring.

“I love storytelling,” Mills said. “I think that’s what I’m really most passionate about. I am looking forward to learning how to successfully manage a team of people, and to take on the role of being the glue that helps keeps everything together.”

Mills feels that this opportunity will be a great way to get hands-on experience. Having worked The Correspondent for three years now, she’s hoping to “leave a positive mark” on the program, and she’s excited to tell stories.

“I think that every story we tell is important,” Mills said. “Every person who has graced us with their time for an interview, and every student who has devoted time out of their week to share those stories play such an important role to the program.

Tim Litwiller, a junior, has been named the operations manager for the fall. Mills, Ramos, and Litwiller will lead the production of the college’s award winning bi-weekly television show.

Katie Hurst and Emily Kauffman, both juniors, have been named Editor-in-Chief of The Record for the fall and spring, respectively.

“As a communication major, I thought it would be a really great opportunity to lead a team of people working together towards producing the paper,” Hurst said. “Next fall, I want to make sure that The Record is truly representative of all voices on campus as well as continues to maintain a high standard of journalism.”

In addition to being inclusive of all voices on campus, Hurst is looking forward to learning from the staff and the experiences.

Litwiller, who was named operations manager for The Correspondent, has also been named a producer for FiveCore Media. Other student producers for the video production company that have been recognized for next year include Tabitha Immanuel, and Takoda Friesen, both juniors.

Last year, Immanuel was a production assistant for FiveCore.

“This past year, I learned so much more just by working with FiveCore,” Immanuel said. “It’s added a lot to my college experience in terms of the educational aspect.”

She’s looking forward to her new role as a student producer next spring.

“I’m excited because I’ll be able to work part-time,” Immanuel said. “Kyle is a very knowledgeable boss, and so I’m looking forward to learning a lot more from him being a part-time employee.”

Student station managers of The Globe have been named Spencer Buttermore and Brad Stoltzfus, both juniors.

Rather than focusing on making changes, Stoltzfus said he wants to focus on maintaining the reputation of The Globe and reaching out to a larger audience.

“Keeping a connection with the community and being present at downtown events are also valuable to the Globe’s reputation,” Stoltzfus said.

Both Buttermore and Stoltzfus stated that one of the highlights of being student station manager of The Globe is the opportunity to work together.

“Brad and I have worked together a lot over the last few years,” Buttermore said, “and I can’t wait to work with him next year running the Globe.”

Stoltzfus feels as strongly that he’s ready for the position. “Also because it is such a high honor and responsibility that I feel I will look back on and say I had a great experience,” he said.