Students associated with the Center for Intercultural Teaching and Learning woke up early on Saturday to host "Goals for the Future," an event that attracted around 82 high school students.

Twenty CITL students, 22 other Goshen College volunteers and three parents helped out with the event.

According to Rebecca Hernandez, CITL project director, "The purpose of the event was to have current CITL students practice leadership skills through planning and execute an event, [and] bring high school students to learn more about how to get to college."

The main event of the day for high school students was a soccer tournament early in the morning at the Recreation-Fitness Center.

But high school students were not the only ones enjoying themselves. A kids' area with face painting and arts and crafts was available. The pool and rock climbing wall were also popular options.

In the soccer tournament, Goshen won 4-2 over Ligonier. Goshen received a ceramics trophy cup made by Suzanne Ehst's husband, as well as a soccer ball. Ligonier received a smaller cup and a soccer ball.

Edgar Saucedo-Davila, a sophomore, helped organize the event with CITL. "It meant that I was giving back to my Latino community, because there's more than just a high school diploma, there's the college diploma and more."

Hernandez thought the event was a success. "We want more Latino students to be aware of Goshen College," said Hernandez, "because not all high school students know about us or the process of what it takes to get to college."