While last week’s chapel, "Struggling with God's People: An Imperfect Church," addressed imperfections in the church as a whole, chapel on Friday, Feb. 25 will focus on the perceived -imperfections of the individual self.

The chapel titled, “Struggling with Imperfection: Self-Judgment and God’s Grace,” will focus on the struggle to meet the high ideals we set for ourselves and interpret from others.

“Perfectionism and self-judgment are so strong among students,” said Bob Yoder, campus pastor, “This will be a message of hope to find God’s role of grace in our imperfect parts of life.”

The service will begin with a time of reflection and a student-led creative performance. Following this, a service of anointing will take place in which students can either bless each other or be blessed by a leader. An anointing service of this nature takes place about once a semester.

Emily Hedrick, a second-year, is planning the chapel. Justin Yoder, also a second-year, is helping as well.

“We so often get caught up in trying to achieve perfection that we forget how to accept ourselves for who we are and where we're at - imperfections and all,” said Hedrick, “Hopefully in this chapel we'll be able to open the door to discussion and renewed acceptance of ourselves.”

The chapel will take place Friday the 22nd at 10 a.m. in the Church Chapel. Those who would like to help plan chapels, or are interested in an upcoming available student assistant job, are encouraged to email robertey@goshen.edu.