On Thursday, December 11th, Wisewords.co announced that it would add an additional 5,000 advisors to help undergraduates and graduates establish themselves in their job field of choice. This increase will allow the company to help many more college students find jobs.

Wisewords, which began as a fledgling start-up in 2013, now boasts an 8,300-person advising network and works to connect students and job seekers with established persons in virtually every industry.

“Launching a career is far from straightforward,” said Wisewords CEO and Founder Dawson Whitfield.

According to the Toronto-based Wisewords, “Millennials need a better way to understand what it actually takes to get a job and excel in it.” The company aims to “help bridge the gap between aspirations and reality.”

By creating an avenue for advisors to share their personal experience with hopeful newcomers in their fields, Wisewords provides easy and direct access to thousands of practicing professionals, ready to answer questions and offer practical tips about how to get your foot in the door and eventually succeed in a field. Many of the advisors have worked for large, well-known corporations such as Google, Goldman Sachs, Disney and Mercedes, as well as the U.S. Government. Wisewords reviews all advisor applications to ensure quality.

“We display the [advisors’] experiences as ‘I have’s,’ and you see what the person has completed,” said Dan Morse, Vice President of Marketing. “The ‘I have’ point is a good conversation starter, because you can narrow in on the particular experiences.” The advisors networked through Wisewords “span almost every industry. We even have a professional dog-walker. There’s really something for everyone,” said Morse.

When asked what sets Wisewords apart, Morse replied, “The way that we enable people to search for an advisor. You can go to the search bar and search by subject, industry, or a specific organization, and someone will likely pop up who has had that experience.”

Advice-seekers can log in to the Wisewords website and browse the list of advisors. After finding an advisor, seekers may then request a phone call. Wisewords will set up a confidential, 30-minute call and make arrangements for any payment that might be required. After the call, advice-seekers are asked to rate their experience and provide feedback about the advisor.

“I get excited about connections,” said Morse. “Up until now, there hasn’t been an easy way to go online and find someone to talk with about careers and advice. There’s nothing better at that than Wisewords. It’s amazing to see people come back and use the site again and again.”

Thousands of advisors are available for mock interviews, resume critiques, networking, and career advice. Help is just a click and a call away.