Last Saturday, March 7, the Campus Activities Council (CAC) hosted a 90’s-themed prom at the Recreation-Fitness Center from 9 to 11 p.m. At the beginning of every semester, CAC plans and organizes events attempting to fill every weekend.

According to Ben Hochstetler, a junior CAC member, “CAC has hosted a lot of events that have been a staple over the years. This year in particular, we have been trying to come up with new events, and prom happened to be one of them.”

Not only was the flashback prom a new addition to the usual CAC events, it is one of many recent installments of new events CAC has introduced this year. Along with this flashback prom, CAC has incorporated events such as themed sporting events for the student cheering section, trivia nights and movie nights into the student events calendar so far.

This evening of 90’s fun included a variety of features including dancing, shoulder pads, floral print and food. The prom was anything a high-school graduate would remember: dancing from start to finish among “under the sea” themed decorations and a place to take photos complete with a backdrop.

Aside from a live DJ and 90’s music, the prom had a spread of chocolate fondue with fruit and pretzels along with crackers and cheese. While many people enjoyed the dancing, others enjoyed the quirky dresses and clothes. At the end of the night, first-years Jill Steinmetz, Lena Charles, Kevin Florentin, and sophomore Danny Klink were crowned winners for the best-dressed “couples” contest.

There were an estimated 100 students at the event in total, including both upperclassmen and underclassmen, many of whom danced from the start of the event to its finish. Not only was CAC pleased with the amount of people who attended the prom, but they were also impressed by the amount of people who danced the whole night.

At the conclusion of the night, sophomore CAC member Sarah Hofkamp said, “I was pleased to see that people danced the whole time. People had fun, and that’s all CAC can ask for!”