Goshen College ranked second in the television-school-of-the-year category in statewide competition with the Indiana Association of School Broadcasters.

Dusty Diller and Taylor Stansberry led the way, each winning awards in five separate categories. They tied for the honor of being the students with awards in the most categories statewide. Stansberry and Diller took first place for "Sim Man," a video news package, and third place for corporate video, video in-depth and video spot production.

Diller and Kevin Kleptz took third for video newscast (the first time that Goshen had entered a full GC Journal newscast) for the Feb. 3, 2009, episode.

Mike Honderich received a first-place award for "Matchmakers," a video entertainment feature; in that category, Sara Jensen, Tara Hershberger and Sam Yoder finished third.

Dustin Combs, Doug Hallman and Stansberry received second for video other live broadcasts. In video news package, Jesse Shaver finished third.

In radio, Trisha Handrich received second-place honors as the host of the Breakfast Blend under the name of Sadie Kruise.