Election Results

The Republicans took control of Senate and are in now in charge of Congress, for the first time in eight years. In Indiana, they also held the supermajority.


Radio Awards

WGCS, The Globe has been nominated for the Station of the Year award, as well as for smaller categories within that award such as: sports, mini-documentary and series, and special interest and cultural programming. Danielle Kerschhackl, a senior; Maria Bischoff, a junior; Brett Steward, a sophomore; and Andrew Witkowski, a 2014 graduate, all earned Best Newscast for their part in “Globe News.”


Music Awards

Vocalists from Goshen College competed in the annual National Associaion of Teachers of Singing at Indiana Weslayan University on Nov. 1. Cecilia Lapp Stoltzfus, a sophomore; Aaron Graber, a sophomore; Paul Zehr, a junior; and Joshua Bungart, a first-year, all placed in their divisions.



In the Oct. 30 Record, the photo of the men's soccer team on the sports page was incorrectly credited. The photo was by Maria Bischoff, not Alex Pletcher.