Refurbished bicycles, complete with wacky paint jobs, are now available for the enjoyment of prospective students and their families, accompanied by a helmet, bike lock, and signed waiver.

The project, originally developed by Richard Aguirre, director of communications and marketing, culminated with a concrete blessing from Jim Brenneman, president. A small group gathered last Wednesday around the Broken Shield sculpture to hear about the project and see the dedication of the bicycles.

After the initial proposal three years ago, bicycles abandoned by students more than five years ago were provided by the Physical Plant and tuned up to smooth function once more. According to Aguirre, students did all the refurbishment and painting of the bikes.

Aguirre is currently leading SST in Peru and could not make dedication, so the college had to get a little bit creative in acknowledging his contribution. After his prayer of dedication, President Brenneman and three student leaders mounted bicycles and rode a few laps around Schrock Plaza. In Peru, Aguirre was able to watch the procession through the streaming webcam positioned upon Good Library.

“I personally think that this is a great idea,” said Glen Gilbert, utilities manager.  “Biking is a great way to get to know the community.”

“Brenneman’s Bicycles” are currently secured on the east side of the Rec-Fitness Center at a designated point and will only be made available for visitors or prospective students by being checked out at the Rec-Fit Center.  Use of the bicycles will be managed through the Admissions Office.