This past Saturday, Goshen College welcomed 36 prospective students to campus for the annual Take Another Look weekend.

Activities began on Saturday morning, when students met with faculty in their intended majors. Other activities included attending the ISC Coffeehouse, cosmic bowling at Maple City Bowl and a student-led worship service, all complete with plenty of food. The activities were intended to help build relationships with other attendees and current students.

Attendance for this year’s weekend was similar to years past. Dan Koop Liechty, director of admissions, said the weekend is a chance for admitted students who have visited campus before to meet other students who are strongly considering GC.

“Historically, the great majority of those who attend TAL weekend do come to GC in the fall,” said Koop Liechty, “so we did not change much with what is a very successful program.“

However, this is the first year that admission interns have planned and run some of the weekend’s activities. This change was made in order to increase integration with the campus community.

Jenna Nofziger, a sophomore, works as an ambassador for the admissions department and spent her Saturday evening bowling with the students.

“It gives a chance for perspective students to mingle with current students and get to see what campus life is like,” said Nofziger. “I talked to a number of students who had already sent in their deposit. And I bowled out of my mind! I got a turkey.”

Maddie Ruth, a sophomore who also works in the admissions department, participated in a brief get-to-know-you session, complete with Rise ‘n Roll doughnuts.

While Ruth did not attend Take Another Look Weekend as a prospective student, she believes that the opportunity to socialize with current students is an important part of the weekend.

“When I was a prospective student visiting colleges, I know that the interactions I had with current students were some of the strongest influences on my decision,” said Ruth.

“I trust our bright personalities and thoughtful input during the session made us a community that the prospective students would not want to miss out on being a part of.”

Said Koop Liechty, “One of the most gratifying parts of the event is when we have students contacting us on Monday letting us know who they want to room with!”