Even if you're not awake for morning class, there's a good reason to get out of bed on Wednesday, Feb. 9.

A bonus convocation, “That's Not My Name – Words, Power and Race at GC,” is being offered at 10 a.m. The hour will focus on how we at Goshen College identify and confront racism, through skits, stories and information. The program was planned by a group related to the Multicultural Affairs Office.

“We are introducing the [revised] racial harassment policy,” said Odelet Nance, one of the coordinators. “We wanted to present the policy in educational, creative and humorous ways.”

The goal of the convocation is to get students thinking about how they can better their relationships with people from other cultures.

David Janzen, Director of Human Resources, also helped with the program.

“We are aware that on any campus there may be exchanges that might be hurtful to another person,” said Janzen. “It is not an increasing problem but [the policy] is something we need to have in place. I think the program will be engaging for people.”

“That's Not My Name” will take place in the usual convocation spot, in the sanctuary of College Mennonite Church.