A bonus convocation will take place next week concerning the disappearance of 43 students in Iguala, Mexico in September 2014 and the progress that has been made in finding out more about what happened to them.

Alma Carrillo Flores, Maddie Birky, Malcolm Stovall and Noemi Salvador, all juniors, are working to organize the convocation.

The organizers of the event are hoping to inform the student body about “the lack of action of the Mexican government in trying to find them, what has the US done so far, possible theories about their disappearance and how the 43 have changed each of us after more than one year of their disappearance,” explained Carrillo Flores.

“[The discussion] is important for our campus as this is not only a problem of Mexico; the USA takes a big part of what led to the disappearance of the 43,” added Carrillo Flores.

Birky said, “We’re working harder this year to remind our community of the role we continue to play as a nation in a global context.”

The organizers planned this convocation as a follow up to a convocation last year on the same topic.

During the day of remembrance on the Goshen campus last year, students were encouraged to wear black and attend the informative convocation about the event, and a display of remembrance was presented in Schrock Plaza with 43 chairs with pictures of each student placed on each one.

The four student organizers are also working alongside with Rocio Diaz, the coordinator for intercultural community engagement in the CIIE office, to make this convocation possible.

“We are students like them, young, with dreams and who wanted to do so much for this world,” said Carrillo Flores.

The convocation will take place on Monday, November 23 at 10 a.m. in the Church-Chapel sanctuary.