The convocation next Monday, March 28, titled “You Are Not Alone: Coping with Mental Health Issues,” will feature speaker Sean Campbell discussing his experiences with depression and anxiety and advocating for heightened awareness of these issues.

Campbell grew up dealing with mental illness as an everyday reality due to dealing with his own struggles and an abusive father suffering from untreated bipolar disorder and alcoholism. After learning to cope with these harsh realities, Campbell became committed to maintaining positive mental health.

Campbell, now 21 years old, is an author, screenwriter, and award-winning mental health advocate who seeks to promote mental health awareness and provide people with strategies to maintain good mental health. He is currently writing a film, titled “How To Touch A Hot Stove,” that aims to shift people’s conceptions of mental health.

Char Hochstetler, director of counseling services, heard about Campbell’s message and immediately made contact with him and schools he has spoken at in the past. She was interested in having a conversation about depression and anxiety among Goshen students. Hochstetler was impressed with his presentations and received very positive feedback from the reference schools. Conveniently, Goshen also received a donation from an alumni, specifically for mental health education.

The convocation is at 10 a.m. on Monday, March 28th. Campbell will remain on campus until early afternoon, speaking to a nursing class and attending lunch with students.