Starting next school year, Liz Andes will serve as the Assistant Dean of Students at Goshen College, working alongside the head dean of students Gilberto Perez. 

Andes currently works as the college’s director of health and wellness and Title IX deputy coordinator. She is trained as a clinical social worker. Prior to her time at GC, she lived in Seattle, Washington for 15 years. For eight of those years, she worked in refugee resettlement, then became a medical social worker at Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Andes moved to Goshen during the COVID-19 pandemic, but she did not expect to work at GC. During the interview for her current position, she was struck by the institution’s character. “I learned that GC is an incredible collection of students from all walks of life, and that immediately drew me in,” Andes said. 

Andes oversees Campus Counseling and Title IX services. “Mental health is such an important service on college campuses today,” she said.  Andes has aided in increasing services available to students whose first language is Spanish.

“In my new role, I will continue with those responsibilities, but I will also oversee DEI and lead team meetings for student life,” Andes said. New positions have opened for director of DEI and campus counseling, and Andes hopes that this will improve the overall quality of services for the student body. 

“I’m excited to continue to strengthen our team and the work we do with students,” Andes said.