The Goshen College Alumni Executive Board, which meets twice a year, discussed happenings at the college and met with members of the administration about recent transitions.

The board met last week over Homecoming Weekend. Dan Koop-Liechty, director of alumni relations and career networks, supervises the Alumni Board.

The recent fall meeting was shorter than the spring meeting because it coincided with Homecoming Weekend, and Board members were involved with the Alumni Awards.

The Board’s mission is to provide support and connection to alumni as well as aid in encouraging alumni to contribute to the college’s Student Aid Fund. The Board also connects with alumni when there is an admissions event in their area to provide prospective students with a graduate’s experience.

This year’s Alumni Board consists of Peter Eash-Scott, a 1999 graduate; Ashe Abebe, a 2007 graduate; Charity Grimes Bauman, a 2010 graduate; Tim Blaum, a 2010 graduate; Ruth Brenneman, a 1987 graduate; Dominique Burgunder-Johnson, a 2006 graduate; John Gingerich, a 1967 gradaute; Audrey Groff, a 1981 graduate; Jair Hernandez, a 2013 graduate; John Kaufmann, a 1966 graduate; Rod North, a 1980 graduate; Heiki-Lara Nyce, a 1989 graduate; Kay Reist, a 1984 graduate; Shannon Unzicker, a 1991 graduate; and Myrtis Yake, a 1961 graduate.

Members of the Board are chosen for their age, gender, racial, ethnic and geographic diversity. The Board hopes to add two or three more members to the group before the next meeting in March.