Students staying in the Goshen area over spring break will have the opportunity to help at a local Habitat for Humanity location.

Historically, Goshen has maintained a close relationship with the local Habitat for Humanity chapter. The admission fees from the last two spring Kick-Offs have been given to Habitat for Humanity, and the Service Club has spent several Saturdays this semester renovating one of their donation centers named ReStore. Over spring break, students will get the chance to help build a house.

Senior Timothy Bixler is organizing the effort.

“The idea for this project was originally a part of my spring internship, which was designed to explore options that could impact the community through the local church,” said Bixler. “I have had the opportunity to be involved with two Saturday work sessions at the ReStore location here in Goshen, which have provided me with opportunities to get involved with the work being done in the Goshen community, as well as get acquainted with a few leaders who dedicate their time and energy to this sort of work.”

Students are welcome to help out Tuesday through Friday from 8-3 p.m.

“The work that is planned for this week is to construct walls for a house as well as a shed for new residents,” explained Bixler.  He also noted that some students may be hesitant to participate because they are unsure of their construction abilities, but, “thankfully, each day there will be trained leaders who have experience with construction and will be able to guide and instruct those who may be less knowledgeable.”

Students may sign up to help, but those who don’t can still volunteer. Students with cars are welcome to drive themselves and others, and Bixler also plans to drive.

“The goal is to have 8 to 15 volunteers working each day,” Bixler said. “I am looking forward to welcoming the creative space for a constructive project such as this to be completed. The work being done will hopefully have a positive impact on community relations as well as the new homeowners. I hope to also benefit from this project by reflecting upon the manner in which my small role has had a productive impact on the overall outcome.”

The address of the location is 2526 Peddler’s Village Road, which is about a 10-minute drive from campus. Email Bixler at for more information.