Each year, new students come to Goshen College from all varieties of backgrounds. In particular, this year has seen a significant increase in the number of Hispanic students enrolled at GC.

Historically, Goshen has been predominantly white and Mennonite and that majority has remained true this year. However, one of the most striking things about this year’s demographics is a 5% increase in Hispanic students; from 13% in 2014-2015 to 18% in this academic year.

To put this in real numbers, this increase translates into approximately 115 full-time undergraduate students out of 640 total full-time undergraduate students. This increase may be due in part to Goshen College’s developing relationship with the Mexican Consulate in Indianapolis, which has supported efforts to assist Hispanic students at GC through scholarship money. Last year, Consul Jorge Sanchez facilitated a grant of $20,000, which was then matched by Goshen College for a total of $40,000 in scholarships for Mexican heritage students.

Student race and ethnicity, gender and religion are self-reported during the registration process. According to this data, 42% of students are Mennonite, followed by 15% Conservative Protestant, 13% Catholic, 10% unknown, 8% mainline Protestant, 5% other religion, 4% none and 3% other Mennonite & Peace Tradition.

This year’s class of 176 first-year students is the largest class currently enrolled at GC, comparing to 54 continuing frosh, 118 sophomores, 123 juniors and 168 seniors. There are also 101 students enrolled in GC’s adult programs and 66 students in master’s programs, for a grand total of 839 students.

Of the full-time, traditional undergraduate students, 55% are reported as female and 45% are reported as male.

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Racial Breakdown

Student Body Breakdown