The at-large members of Student Senate for the 2012-13 school year include, first year, David Zehr, sophomore, Caleb Longenecker, and juniors, Niles Graber Miller and Luis Lopez. Look for future announcements at the beginning of next semester if you are interested in becoming a member of Student Senate during the spring semester. Follow Senate’s activities on Facebook through the Goshen College Student Senate page.

Niles Graber Miller

I have grown up in Goshen – just across the street from the college – and have witnessed many changes on campus over the years. I am excited about being a part of future developments here at Goshen College.

Luis Lopez

GC is a unique institution where people from different countries, races and religions come for the purpose of a wholesome education. As an at-large representative, I would like that each of these voices contribute in the active role of shaping our educational community.

Caleb Longenecker

I believe that it is important for students to be able to voice their comments and concerns about the functioning of Goshen College in a setting where opinions will be heard and respected among peers, colleagues and friends.

David Zehr

I would like to be an at-large representative for the GC student senate because I enjoy working with people and would enjoy discussing issues that are important to GC.