Is there something you want to change at Goshen College? Talk to Student Senate.

Student Senate is a student-led group on campus that has a number of tasks, the biggest of which is being a voice for students. They are responsible for listening to student concerns and talking with administration to make changes as well as funding and supporting student clubs.

Last year, much of their work went into initiating co-ed apartments, installing a bidet in the connector bathroom, making Syrian refugee kits and issuing statements in support of Black Lives Matter and Palestine. They worked to fund an educational workshop on poverty, the Dance Marathon and the Post Traumatic Super Delightful event.

This semester, Student Senate is comprised of seniors Alma Rosa Carrillo Flores, Crystopher Ecchavaria, Dona Park and Hitesh Sharma; juniors Sadie Drescher, Bryan Nyugen, Reena Ramos; and sophomores Rudi Mucaj and Christi Sessa.

These students are representatives chosen by the GC student body in order  to have student voices work towards bettering the campus and community.

“As student representatives, we communicate with students and help facilitate their ideas and concerns into proposals we can present to Administration and the President’s Council,” Ramos said. “We discuss and propose ways to make campus better and more comfortable for students.”

As a returning senator, Ramos is hoping to add a bit more inclusion to the Goshen campus while also working with the concepts she has learned in her environmental science classes in order to improve the interaction between the GC community and nature.

“This year I hope to finish some of the projects started by Senate last year,” Ramos said. “I would love to have GC release an official gender definition statement and possibly consider some more co-ed housing options. I also want to focus on having a more sustainable and eco-friendly campus.”

With so many diverse perspectives on the Student Senate, a goal of inclusion is an important one when thinking about the entire campus.

Mucaj wants to be a voice for as many students as possible.

“I want to build bridges between international students and American ones,” he said. “We also want to help the commuter students to feel welcomed and lower the walls which exist between students who live and campus and those who commute.”

As the Senate aims to tackle these issues, they also want to ensure that students know that the representatives are seeking to hear feedback and ideas as well. Park, a new member of Senate, wants students to know that Senate appreciates when they present their thoughts and feelings.

“We need different perspectives and opinions,” said Park, “so that we can be challenged to not only be more open but incorporate more student voices.”

Student Senate has a variety of ways for students to do just that. All meetings by Student Senate are held on Wednesdays at 7:30 p.m. in the Administration Building, in room 20. These meetings are open to students, who are invited to come and hear in more detail about what Student Senate is doing on campus.

“Students should know that Senate is here for them!” Ramos explained. “If a student ever has a question, concern or suggestion, they should email Senate, come to one of our meetings or find us in Java or in [Westlawn] during our drop-in hours. All of our meetings are open to the student body, and anyone can come in to listen or to speak their mind. Even if a student wants something simple, like a standing desk in the library, Senate will do everything we can to make it possible.”

Aside from their hours in Java and Westlawn, Student Senate is also available to chat with students on their Facebook page, or students can ask to meet with senate members outside of the other available times. Email with any questions.

If you have something that you think will make GC a better campus, talk to Student Senate.