An anonymous Facebook profile got people talking last week.

The profile was created on Wednesday under the name “Spacemaker Peaceman.” The page is full of odd references to intra-dimensional travel, the tenth-dimensional gulf, his army of “Spacemaker Juniors” and eating from the center of blackholes.

Spacemaker Peaceman already has 52 friends (primarily seniors). Many do not know who made the profile, which surprised Meghan Hoover, a senior.

“I thought it was silly that everyone said yes without knowing him!” Hoover said. Then again, she friended him, too.

Dan Vader, a senior, knows why he friended Spaceman. “His profile is awesome,” Vader said. “Basically anyone who has claimed to have visited 10 dimensions is OK in my book.”

Vader suspects Matthew Plummer, a senior Bible, religion and philosophy major. “He was the first one to be [Peaceman’s] friend, and it seems like something he would do,” Vader said.

Melissa MacGregor, a senior, tried to solve the mystery by analyzing Peaceman’s friends and his writing style. She guessed it could be Alana Kanagy, a sophomore; Menan Assefa, a first year; Michael Ruth, a sophomore; or Tyler Yoder, a senior.

Spacemaker Peaceman is an addition to a line of eccentric Facebook profiles that have become popular at Goshen College, which include “Santa Fosheezy” and “Moon Jesus.”

That’s why Nathan Graber, a senior, would have suspected Luke Yoder, a junior, who was involved with at least one anonymous profile. But, since Yoder is in Spain this semester, Graber has looked elsewhere.

“My first instinct is to point my finger at Paula [Dirks, a junior],” Graber said. Others have asked him if he made the account. He didn’t.

“I do want to claim credit for it, though. I definitely would be willing to say it was me,” he said.

Dara Joy Jaworowicz, a senior, took another tack, joking, “If I were to guess who Spacemaker Peaceman is, it would be Paul Keim.”

“It makes perfect sense,” Jaworowicz said. “How else could he be so smart and so fluent in so many languages? He’s from space!”