Rachel Halder, a senior also known as Rae, has been part of the Goshen College radio station, The Globe, since 2006.   She began her education in radio with the Communications 190 course: Introduction to Radio.

The course was “a thrilling experience,” said Halder, who met with a reporter while composing a list of songs for her show, which airs every Wednesday from 7 to 9 p.m.

It wasn’t until Christmas break of her freshman year that she realized that she had an “obsession with music” as she put it, especially in the “indie,” or independent music, genre.

This “obsession” helped her decide to take her passion to another level and begin the production of her own radio show. Ever since she could remember, she had always liked to make great music mixes for friends, and her collection of music filled up her computer space and external hard drives.

“Therefore it only made sense for me to share this collection of songs with a wider audience,” said Halder.

She then started the process of planning for her show, “Eventide Euphony.”

“Why the name Eventide Euphony?” said Halder. “Eventide means evening, for my show is in the evening, and euphony for agreeableness of sound, pleasing effect to the ear, and a pleasant sounding or harmonious combination, and my music is all of that plus more.”

She giggled and then whispered: “I have a high opinion of the music I listen to.”

Themes have been a key part of her show as well. “Sometimes I have sort of accidental themes, like I’ll think of a really awesome electronic/dance song I want to play, which then sparks me to think of six other really awesome electronic/dance songs, which then sparks me to think of more upbeat songs to play,” she said. “So then that show would be a much more upbeat electronic dance type of theme, but on accident.”

For example, on Nov. 18  Halder aired an all-women’s show, which was an arrangement of two hours of her favorite female artists, and on Dec. 2 she shared songs of artists who had just come out with albums that month.

Halder finds a lot of her music from various musical sources as well as from people around her.  “Blogs are my main source,” she said. “ I check Pitchfork every day; Nylon magazine occasionally reviews some bands I’ve never heard of; some friends refer me to music; my brother is an expert at providing music I love as well. Internet is my No. 1 source, and friends and family are No. 2.”

“I search for music 24/7 though, that’s how I have so much!” said Halder, throwing her hands in the air.

Many of the songs she chooses to air come from all over the world and range from various types of genres within the independent scene. Lykki li from Sweden, Cocorosie from France and Bon Iver from the U.S. are some examples of bands she likes to feature.

When asked about where she would like to take her radio experience, Halder replied, “Ultimately I would love to work at NPR, not necessarily with a music show, but as a reporter.  But if it somehow ended up in a music show, I would dig that as well. I always want to be somehow involved with radio.”

She still does not know exactly where she will be traveling after she graduates in May, but she plans on being part of a public radio station or a college radio station and will attempt to continue her show.

For those interested in following in Rachel Halder’s radio-hosting footsteps, she has this advice: “If you go to GC, take Jason Samuel’s Comm 190 class and then have a fire burning passion for it! It’s a lot of work.  It may look easy to plan a two-hour show, but it’s not.”

Halder continues to host her show “Eventide Euphony” every Wednesday night from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. on 99.1 The Globe.