As a photographer, adapting to new situations is almost a necessity. 

With social distancing guidelines being implemented across the nation, you lose an intimate connection with people. This is especially detrimental when people tend to be used as subjects for photographers. 

Once you lose that connection, you’re instantly forced to adapt and grow as a photographer. 

During the early months of 2020, I had been documenting Notre Dame basketball games. I had also begun looking towards the spring, when I was expected to photograph “Idea Week” at the University of Notre Dame, a large event held every year which brings together public speakers, accomplished business professionals and artists.

Of course, that all was brought to a halt as soon as the pandemic had reached the U.S. So, like everyone else, I was forced to adapt. I focused on honing my skills in various aspects of photography and film. 

As the year continued to progress, more and more opportunities presented themselves. While not in the ways I had expected, they still emerged nonetheless. 

Adaptation had presented opportunities. Without adaptation to change, we as human beings would be unable to function as a society. 

So, when opportunities present themselves to you, whether you are a photographer or not, you embrace them. 

See some of the photos Alex took this year below: