As hard as all of 2020 was, the start of 2021 wasn’t much better.

From political unrest and agitation across the country to seasonal depression, the hopeful start of a new year was underwhelming to say the least. 

Recently, however, I’ve been reminded of the beauty of normal life through glimpses that have also given me hope that a transition to that beauty could be nearing.

It started at the end of last week when the weather proved to Punxsutawney Phil that groundhogs can’t predict the seasons. 

The warm weather and full sunshine had a noticeably positive effect on the spirits of those on campus. I know it certainly did for me.

The weather worked wonders on seasonal depression, replenished vitamin D and also allowed me to get in three rounds of disc golf at Ox Bow County Park.

The continued sunshine brought an even better start to this week as students and faculty on campus received news that campus workers would be eligible to receive the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine at Goshen High School.

I received my first dose at 1:30 pm along with hundreds of other students and educators in Goshen.

It reminded me to be extra thankful for science, health care workers and everybody else who is making it possible for us to have a safe return to normalcy. 

Later that same day, I received a notification from the New York Times that the stimulus package was (finally) approved by the House of Representatives and is likely to be rolled out soon.

Awaiting approval from President Biden, the bill is a critical step to giving people the relief they need. Although it’s not a cure, it’s an incredibly important Band-Aid. 

And as I’m writing this, we’re wrapping up the issue you’re reading right now. A stressful issue to say the least, but one that makes me thankful to be around so many caring and hardworking students dedicated to a meaningful publication.

Yesterday was the first time in months I felt an overwhelming sense of comfort.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s still work to be done and caution that needs to be taken, but it was a subtle reminder that there is an end in sight.