The sounds of Latin music permeate the Union Gym on Monday and Wednesday evenings as students and community members come together to work out through dance.

Sophomore Austin Van, a regular Zumba attender, said that she enjoys the class because it has “a spicier type of dancing with good music.”

Though they were held in the Recreation-Fitness Center last year, Zumba classes are now in the Union Gym where the space is larger and there is a better floor and improved air flow.

Zumba classes are only one of the programs the R.F.C. offers students. There are a variety of aquatic classes at different times that students can participate in free of charge. If you’re a morning person, the Water Wake Up class is for you. There is also an Aqua Training class at 5 p.m.

The other two aquatic programs may seem like they aren’t for students, given that they are called Active Older Adults and Arthritis Foundation Programs; but Josh Keister, director of the R.F.C., says that anyone is welcome to participate in those classes too.

“Aquatic classes are a great low impact exercise for athletes with shin-splints or anyone with joint pain,” said Keister.

There are currently three non-aquatic classes: Zumba, Power Tubing and Spinning. Power Tubing is one Keister recommends everyone tries.

“Power Tubing is resistance training without the stigma of being in the weight room with big guys throwing around weights. It’s different than an ordinary workout,” said Keister.

Power Tubing classes take place upstairs in front of the big mirror by the racketball courts, and feature exercise tubes and fitness balls. Increased demand has led to a Saturday morning class that started this past week.

Spinning classes take place on the bikes by the entrance to the R.F.C. These classes fill up during the winter, so now is a prime time to give it a try. Both are taught by Dru Gentle, who has taught these classes at the R.F.C for six years.

“I love spinning. It is the only cardio workout I enjoy because I don’t find it boring like the other machines,” Gentle said.

Some class participants are regulars, and others come once every other week or so to fit their schedules.

“Start anytime. Don’t worry about previous exercise. We get a variety of fitness levels and classes can be adapted for anyone,” Gentle added.

Jewel Lehman’s physical education students will offer a variety of fitness classes in the R.F.C. after fall break. Keep an eye on the campus communicator to participate in those sessions.

Remember that students are “members” of the R.F.C. in the same way a community member who purchases a membership is, except that students get extended access hours. To participate in any of the classes offered, sign up at the front desk of the R.F.C. All are free except for Zumba, which costs one dollar at the door. There are further class descriptions and times at

If the classes don’t suit your schedule, use the weight room, elliptical machines, track, rock wall and more on your own time. With the new equipment—which includes racketball racquets, ping pong balls and basketballs—comes a new check-out policy. You will be asked to leave not only your student I.D. but a $10 deposit that you will get back when you return the equipment.

Whether you are an avid athlete, an occasional R.F.C. visitor or are still wondering where the R.F.C. is, be sure to check out these classes and make the most of what our fitness center has to offer.