Two new counselors join Goshen College’s staff.

Before the current school year, Goshen College altered the counseling services being offered through the school and hired Lynette and Conrad Showalter to serve as counselors for students.

The Showalters have been connected with Goshen since Lynette graduated from Goshen in 1996 with a major in social work and a minor in piano pedagogy.

The previous counselor, Char Hochsetler, left Goshen for another job in 2012, recommending the Showalters in her place.

They worked as interim employees for one year until the Showalters were rehired as contracted employees.

Both of the Showalters have Master’s degrees: Lynette in social work, and Conrad in counseling.  Lynette has worked in middle schools and high schools, facilitating support groups and working with students. Conrad has worked with counseling in churches, as his undergraduate degree was in Bible.

Lynette and Conrad are married, and run their own private therapy service that works mainly with couples and marriage counseling.

Conrad and Lynette are both passionate and excited about working with young adults. Conrad expressed that his children joke that he and Lynette “do better when they’re around young adults.”

Conrad and Lynette are already very involved within student lives. They attended Resident Assistant and Ministry Leader training as well as New Student Days, where they spent time with parents and incoming first-years. They also have played active roles with the SALT program and international students, and now serve as a support for the Resident Directors.

Conrad and Lynette are available 24/7. Their email and phone number are listed on Goshen College’s website. Both Conrad and Lynette agree that email is the best way to reach them.

Students can also call Shirley Shriner, administrative assistant for student life, to schedule an appointment, or talk to their ministry leader.

Furthermore, Lynette will be on campus all day Mondays and Thursdays, and Conrad will be on campus Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons.

Students have the freedom to choose which counselor they would prefer to meet with.

Students are encouraged to contact Conrad and Lynette if support is needed; the two new counselors feel tremendously privileged to work for the college in this way. “We want to try to make sure the students are cared for,” Lynette said.