We are encouraged!

Last Wednesday, these two octogenarians from Greencroft joined nearly 100 students and friends of Goshen College to lift our voices in song, listen to moving speeches, hold protest signs and generally try to have our voices heard. It was so heartening to see students trying to make a difference, speaking to the GC administration, asking them to speak up against the violence and killing in Gaza. They spoke of their own sorrow, anger and disappointment at our culpability in supporting the carnage.

Yet, there was a glimmer of hope as GC students and leaders from Michiana Voices for Middle East Peace spoke up and spoke out for peace, telling their stories of their visits to the West Bank. They spoke clearly for the need for our institutions to lift up their voices, based on our long tradition of being historical peace folks.

We hope that many of you students will continue your efforts. We send our encouragement and good will to “keep on keeping on.”

– Jep and Joyce Hostetler

On April 2, President Stoltzfus released a statement calling for a ceasefire in Israel/Palestine and standing in solidarity with protesters.