Having lived in more than three different countries, namely South Korea, Canada and the United States, the Moon brothers, Chris and Alex, give a snippet of their lives as “modern nomadic explorers.”

What is your major?

Chris: I’m an accounting major.


Alex: I’m a PJCS (peace, justice and conflict studies) major.


What is it like back home?

Chris: It is definitely less liberal than life here in the United States. We lived in Seoul when we were in Korea. I feel as though I got a taste of different cultures and was not as culture-shocked as I thought I would have been when I came to college. I was already exposed to a lot of the Western culture when I lived in Canada.


Alex: I find that my life in Korea was very restricted and limited to mostly school and studying. I had so much more free time when we moved to Canada just because of how liberal and less structured my time was. I now had free time to do other things that I would have not been able to do before.


How would you describe each other’s personalities?

Alex: I would say my brother is more reserved then I am. I’m more opinionated than he is, which causes conflict sometimes, but we normally get over it.


Chris: I am more reserved than my brother, I tend to keep to myself a lot unless there is something that is really bothering me then I would speak up about it. This is unlike my brother, who always has to have a say in everything.


What type of career do you want to go into after you graduate from Goshen?

Chris: Since I’m majoring in accounting, working in an auditing firm is what I think I will be doing once I graduate from college.


Alex: I would do anything that involves travelling. I don’t want to limit myself to only one thing and want to explore a number of careers.


What is one thing that you miss from home?

Chris: I definitely miss my family, friends and my mum’s cooking!



Alex: Yes! I really miss authentic Korean food. Not just any kind of Korean food but Korean food made by my mum is awesome!

Do you plan on returning home?

Chris: I’m probably going to head back to Korea over the summer.


Alex: I don’t really know when I will be going back home. I was initially planning to stay over the summer and work on campus. But you never know, plans change a lot.


What has been one thing you’ve found at Goshen that you’re grateful for and that made your transition easier when you first started attending school here? 

Alex: The people and the community have played a big role in helping me settle in. Also having my brother here helped a lot toward being on level ground in a different country.


Chris: The international student body has helped me feel at home. I also had a connection here at the college with a few people like Shina and Dona Park who helped me adjust to this new environment. I am truly thankful for their help.


The Moon brothers are grateful to be here at Goshen College, meeting new people and learning about new cultures. They are looking forward to furthering their knowledge about other countries given the diverse community here on campus. Who knows where they could end up next?