Many children have goals that seem impossible or hard to reach, but what happens when those dreams come true? Dianna Campos, who graduated from Goshen College last year, can answer that question. 

In December 2021, Campos announced she would be working as an Animation Production Intern for DreamWorks starting in Janunary, and that she was “over the moon” to begin her work. 

Campos is working on an unannounced project in the production process. “I am currently five weeks into my internship, and I honestly cannot believe how much I’ve been learning!” she said. 

Campos explained how her dream came to be in an animated video made about her life. 

After she saw her father’s art as a five-year-old and asked what his dream was, he told her he wanted to be a cartoonist. 

She asked why he wasn’t, and he said he didn’t have the support to become one. Campos realized then that not all dreams come true, but said that her dream was to become an artist and vowed it would happen.

When Dianna got to college, her new beginnings at GC were difficult. She stated in her video, “I remember walking through the ‘welcoming tunnel’ on my first day and feeling pretty overwhelmed. I felt a lot of pressure as a first-generation student.” 

As many students know, college comes with new challenges, but attending college as a first-generation student brings many unknowns, as well. Dianna’s mother, Luna Ávila, stated that “[Dianna] has learned to face her fears” because of her college experience. 

“She has marked a before and after in the future generations of our family,” said Ávila, GC student life administrative assistant.

In order to balance home and school, Campos said the key was communication. “I’ve always shared what I was going through, whether that was the workload or general experiences.”

As the end of Campos’ college career drew closer, she wasn’t sure what to pursue moving forward. “When I was struggling with the decision to either continue my education or pursue animation, I went straight to Dave Kendall, director of career networks…I often try to figure things out on my own, but it is important to remember never to be afraid to reach out to people you trust and ask for help,” said Campos. 

With a sense of direction on moving forward, Dianna finished her time at GC last spring and worked toward completing a portfolio for entry-level jobs. 

Once she got the internship at DreamWorks in December, her schedule shifted. “I felt a lot of fatigue the first few weeks…[but] after a bit I got used to it…I am now eager to make the most of my time at DreamWorks!”

Campos is learning the ins and outs of her work. “[I’m] an extra set of hands for my production coordinator and assistant. I work closely with them in learning and assisting the daily tasks of production in order to make sure other departments’ work stays organized and on track with our schedule.” 

“What I found personally surprising was the overall process of how production works. Before I became an intern, it was somewhat a mystery to me…I [grew] a new level of appreciation for the passionate people involved in the making of animation,” explained Campos. 

She went on: “The people…are the most passionate I have ever met, and being surrounded by them and their commitment continues to motivate me to be better!” 

When it comes to making dreams a reality, Campos says, “Don’t be discouraged and stay proactive! Keep being your authentic self and write out your own story. It is uniquely yours!”