The Premier Basketball League picked up a Goshen graduate for this fall season.

Jerron Jamerson, a 2014 graduate, will be playing in the PBL, a developmental league in the United States that creates exposure for players in the league who have hopes of going overseas to play professional basketball.

Jamerson said he has been playing basketball for the majority of his life—since he was about 6 or 7.

Before transferring to Goshen College, Jamerson played at Owens Junior College, and while at Goshen he had a major impact on the team.

Jamerson averaged about four rebounds and 16 points per game, and was a 73 percent free throw shooter.

“There is no doubt that Goshen helped me get to this place. Playing in a conference like the Crossroads League helped me to prepare for the pros,” Jamerson said.

He also said that being in a “supportive community” was beneficial for him.

“People like Jason Samuels, Pat Lehman, Joseph Liechty and others supported me from day one. That was huge,” Jamerson said.

Jamerson was drafted in the second round of the PBL to play for the Danville Riverhawks and will be moving there around Nov. 1. The team consists of 12 members including Jamerson.

He ended up in the draft after attending a combine session, a try-out where coaches and scouts can watch the players, on Aug. 23 in Chicago along with 150 other potential PBL players.

Jamerson says he was able to talk to teams afterwards and was drafted about two weeks after the combine. He says that he never stops training because basketball is a year-round sport for him.

Jamerson’s hope is that playing in the PBL will eventually lead him to a professional basketball career overseas.

“This is why this league is perfect for me. It not only helps me with exposure but it always gives me a platform to work on my game,” Jamerson said.