Right before I started to write this, I FaceTimed Abby King. I was sad and overwhelmed and lonely and hungry and cold and my skin was dry. I just needed some love.

Luckily, she always knows how to make me feel better — in this case, by putting a bright green highlighter in between her toes and writing my name with it, and then realizing that she spelled it wrong because she was “thinking too hard” about it.

What have I done to deserve her? In fact, what have I done to deserve any of the amazing women in my life? They love me, support me, feed me, laugh with me and, sometimes, even laugh at me. And I am so grateful.

This is a thank-you letter. I obviously can’t specifically thank everyone in this editorial, but here are notes to people I’ve been thankful for in the last few days:

Abby: Thank you for writing my name with your toes. Thank you for driving me to Target when we are sad and for buying Sour Patch Kids with me. Thank you for being my number two Record woman and not taking it personally when I get snippy on Wednesday evenings as we make the paper.

Katie Hurst: Thank you for always knowing when to screenshot my Snapchats. Thank you for sending me Starbucks gift cards when I want a hot drink and the line at Java is four people deep and there’s only one barista. Thank you for blessing me with your mascara secrets and for fully supporting me when I randomly decided to queue up a dozen Luke Bryan songs.

Zoe Siemens: Thank you for explaining things like YouTubers and juuling to me. I am sorry that I am a lame adult. Thank you for loving me anyway. Thank you for trusting me and FaceTiming me so we can complain to each other about life even though we live far away from each other.

My momma: Thank you for birthing me (that didn’t happen in the last couple days, but we know this). Thank you for being patient and letting me give you answers on my own time because you know I hate being asked questions. Thank you for giving me advice when I ask for it and not being mad when I don’t actually listen to it.

Christy Swartzendruber: Thank you for being my lifelong friend and being open to talk about our shared experiences whenever. Thank you for telling me that three out of my six editorials have made you cry at work. Thank you for still texting me and asking to hang out even though I have had to say no three times in a row.

Dillon Hershey: Thank you for making laugh harder than anyone I know. Thank you for taking amazing photos. Thank you for suggesting including my banjo in the photo you took for the Funnies page. Thank you for doing the layout for the Funnies page. And for doing the layout for this page. Thank you for loving me even though I ask you to do so many things.

Taylor Swift: Thank you for your iconic and diverse discography. The past few days have been a whirlwind of “Teardrops On My Guitar,” “Sad, Beautiful, Tragic,” “Dear John” and “I Did Something Bad.” I can only hope that I find the journalistic equivalent to the pettiness of writing a guy’s name into a song.

We don’t need to see our fellow women as rivals. In fact, we are our own greatest asset.

So if you’re looking for support, let’s be here for each other. I’ll do my best when I footwrite your name with a green highlighter — and hopefully spell your name correctly.